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Chia Seed

 "Chia is a desert-growing member of the mint family, known as Salvia hispanica.
The seed is small, with a mild, nutty taste. The chia seed is a nutrient and protein-packed powerhouse
that can help you lose weight, boost endurance and guard against an impressive range of serious health conditions."

                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Wayne Coates, PhD


The History of Chia
Since the beginning of time conquerors have imposed their systems on defeated nations, including the replacement of customs and nutritional habits. For more than 4000 years humans and chia have been connected through agriculture and food. Chia seeds were grown and eaten as early as the Mayans and Aztecs. Born in the fertile landscape of central Mexico this incredible versatile seed was used for a prime source of nutrition. For many years chia was sold only in Mexican markets and used as a raw material for making beverages chi’a fresco, which was consumed for ethnic and religious reasons. Chia oil was also used in painting by small groups of artisans in Mexico. In 1965 chia seed became available in health food stores in Southern California and Arizona, and at the end of the 1980s chia pets had been commercialised in the United States.
The Paradox of Hunger and Abundance
When the price of traditional crops drop, the first areas to be abandoned are those regions considered marginal for production. Overproduction of traditional crops and subsequent price drops are also causing problems in developing countries. The technologies that have produced higher yields are themselves being challenged by strong envrionmental lobbies, and there is concern over the limited number of crop species on which the world's population depends. Reliance on a small number of crops carries great agricultural and nutritional risks as monocultures are extremely vulnerable to catastrophic failures brought by disease or climate variations. It is time to consider rescuing a number of ancient crops that were forced into obscurity through the passage of time and with the change in culture and use.

A Little Something About Us

Shirley Greenwood


The House Of Chia has been producing Chia since 2010. We are a Queensland locally owned business growing throughout the Atherton Tablelands. The House Of Chia supplies product, wholesale and retail, to exporters who sell throughout the globe.

Our goal is focusing on being ALL AUSTRALIAN GROWN AND OWNED, and we are now dealing DIRECT to the public KEEPING PRICES AFFORDABLE. Our product is grown Beyond Organics, which means caring for the land as well as the people whom consume our products. There are no pesticides or herb asides used, and we use old fashion style chipping when needed.

The House Of Chia and staff strive to share a healthy outlook on Life that encourages you to incorporate a balanced diet with an open mind and by adding Chia into your daily diet we feel you can achieve this.



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